Patient Visit

Your first visit with Dr. James will last approximately 90 minutes, and will include a detailed interview and review of records. It will cover a lot of information about your overall health. Please fill out a patient intake form and bring it in for your first visit. You can expect a complete physical exam at this time, and to go home with a treatment plan. Please bring any lab tests or imaging results you may have had performed in the last six months. Also, Dr. James will want to look at all medications and supplements you take so that she can advise you about what you do and don’t need.

Follow up medical visits are 30 minutes long.


Naturopathic medicine does not fit the insurance model, as ND’s spend more time and go into more depth with patients than most conventional providers do. Therefore, Dr. James does not contract with insurance plans. Payment for office visits will be at the time of service, and you will be given a document to submit to your plan for out-of-network coverage.

Products and Supplements

Dr. James strives to bring you the highest quality supplements available in the industry. All of our products are nutriceutical grade, and manufactured under the FDA’s standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Because there is limited regulation in the natural products industry, there are lots of supplements in the marketplace that either don’t contain what they say they do, or are contaminated. Many products simply are made of the cheapest materials rather than those elements that can actually be absorbed and utilized by the body. Dr. James takes natural products very seriously because she know that the right products can help you attain optimum health. Your safety is of paramount importance to us.

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