Treatment Packages

A La Carte

New Patient Inquiry Call: Scheduled call to see if a visit will be a good fit prior to making appointment, 10 minutes. Free

New Patient Visit: Comprehensive evaluation of your diagnosis and treatment options, objective review, and treatment plan. Access to patient portal, online dispensary, and selected testing options. 60 minutes. $350

Established Patient Visit: Based on patient need. 30 minutes. $200

Established Patient Visit Telephone Call or Telemedicine Call: Based on patient need. 30 minutes. $200

Active Treatment

For patients about to undergo conventional treatment for cancer including but not limited to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Specialized, individualized recommendations for managing side effects, healing, and recovery for each stage of treatment. Initial intake meeting, 60 minutes, 5 visits, 30 minutes each. Includes patient portal access, online dispensary access, and two telephone or telemedicine calls. $1650

Treatment Recovery

For patients finished with active treatment interested in detoxification and recovery. Initial intake visit 60 minutes, 2 follow up visits 30 minutes each, one telephone or telemedicine call. Specialty testing included. $1199


For patients interested in long term wellness and prevention of secondary recurrence of cancer. Includes initial intake visit, 60 minutes, 3 follow up visits, 30 minutes, and two telephone or telemedicine calls. Specialty testing included. $1799

Risk Reduction

For patients at high risk of developing cancer. Includes initial intake, 60 minutes, risk analysis, and genomic testing plus interpretation, 60 minutes, and 2 follow up visits, 30 minutes. $1925

Consultation with your physician

Review of your case, treatment options, and prognosis with your primary physician. Integrative recommendations shared for administration and management by your primary physician. 60 minutes. $350

Patient Accompaniment

To medical visits with your medical, radiation, or surgical oncologist. $350/hour plus travel time

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Lymphedema

50 minute maintenance manual lymphatic drainage therapy using the Klose techniques for reduction of lymphedema in the upper or lower extremities $105 per treatment or $850 for a 10-treatment package

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