Bellingham Practice

NEW Bellingham Practice Location

I practiced as a naturopathic oncologist in Bellingham, WA, (in addition to Bellevue, WA) from 2007-2012 after recognizing a great need for integrative oncology services there. I reluctantly left this vibrant community in late 2012 and have wanted to return ever since. Starting in August 2021, I will be seeing patients at Bellingham Naturopathic Clinic. The phone number for scheduling is 360-738-3230. Have a chat with Mel or Cat!

BNC will carry a full line of supplements, herbs, and tinctures that I use in my practice. This means you have multiple ways of acquiring high-quality nutraceuticals: Fullscript, Wellevate, or in-person at BNC.

I will continue to see patients in Bellevue, as I have been for the last almost twenty years.

Bellingham Naturopathic Clinic
1313 E Maple Street, Suite 102
Bellingham, WA 98225
P: 360-738-3230