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Food Is Medicine

You may have heard the phrase “Food is Medicine”. If you are someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and you are in treatment or beyond, this adage can be especially true. What you put in your body can make a difference in your health and longevity.

Because Thanksgiving is typically centered around eating, it’s the perfect time to consider the value of the food you are putting on the table – for yourself and others. As you think about preparing your holiday meal this year, think about how you want to live the rest of your life.

Consider what you typically eat at Thanksgiving and what you might add to make your meal more beneficial. Here is a look at nutrients that hold superpowers for a healthy immune system and strengthening body:


Foods to try: Cranberries (all berries), celery, parsley, herbs, pomegranates, red wine, soybeans, legumes, onions, leeks, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, tea, beans, and apples.

Benefits: Decreases inflammation in the body. Increases immunity, fights free radicals, and create blood vessel stability. Cranberries, especially, are super high in Vitamin C and bioflavonoids which in general are antioxidants.

Tryptophan/ Protein

Foods to try: Turkey, eggs, cheese, fish, peanuts, pumpkin and sesame seeds, milk, chicken, tofu and soy.

Benefits: Increases quality of sleep and also helps to relieve depression and anxiety because it creates niacin and serotonin.

Carotenoids/ Vitamin A

Foods to try: Orange and yellow vegetables (brightly colored) such as carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin and other winter squash.

Benefits: Helps with vision, immune function and reproductive health. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient which the body absorbs just as it does fats. They provide antioxidants to the body.


Foods to try: Cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and turnips.

Benefits: Indoles help with estrogen metabolism and are being studied for their cancer preventative properties.

If you are thinking about how to move forward in a healthy way at this time, consider what you are eating starting with the holiday season. One topic I am most passionate about is nutrition. I want to equip you with the information you need to live the rest of your life in a healthy way.

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