What to Do When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

nature scene of trees in the woods of Washington with the text overlay: "Breast Cancer: when life takes an unexpected turn"

What happens when life takes an unexpected turn? Please read on to learn how one patient grappled with the news of her breast cancer diagnosis. Melissa’s note: “We were sitting around the fire at our family cabin reminiscing about the days when the kids were little and how they would toddle around too close to […]

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Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer: Creating the Big Picture

three women representing three generations with the overlay text reading: "breast cancer: creating the big picture"

What you know about life with breast cancer is often just a snapshot. Do you have the full picture? Walking into your childhood home, you glance over and see your mother asleep in her easy chair. She doesn’t get up as much as you would like, but after her breast cancer diagnosis she doesn’t have […]

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